Dedication Page

 PTSD Passing Through Shadows OF Death

I dedicate this book to my husband’s memory who passed away October 12, 2014. A Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran who was intelligent, had multiple scholarships, chose to enlist in the U.S. Navy after his high school graduation in 1968.
He volunteered for Frogman Demolition to serve alongside courageous men, some who never came home alive. He returned home a Veteran of the Vietnam War, not as a hero like military veterans today.
He was shunned, his spirit was crushed, he was a broken man, he was in self-destruct mode.The debilitated state of his mental acuity caused him to engage in threatening behavior, so he could provoke a deadly response from law enforcement.
These behaviors lead to his incarceration. God never interfered in Phil’s life, but HE did intervene and that is the beauty of this story. It is a testimony of surrendering, gratitude and deliverance.
"For without God’s forgiveness, mercy and grace, there would not have been Redemption."
- Cindy Vann -